January 1, 2020

Asahi Glassplant Inc. (AGI) of Japan is excited to announce the successful acquisition of the Syrris and Glass Solutions businesses from Blacktrace Holdings Ltd (Blacktrace), Royston, UK, on 1st January 2020.

AGI is a world leading innovator in glass technology for scientific applications. The AGI group has a focus on expanding its global presence and has strategically set up AGI to enable the manufacture, R&D and commercial activities of its products.

The acquisition of Glass Solutions, a successful glass manufacturing business with state-of-the-art glassblowing facilities outside Cambridge, UK, increases the capacity and capabilities of AGI glass manufacturing worldwide with glass manufacturing sites now in UK, Japan, Switzerland and USA.

Syrris is a global leader in flow chemistry and jacketed reactor systems with a large global customer base in R&D laboratories. AGI has a wide range of standard and customisable products to serve all chemistry sectors from laboratory scale to pilot plant to manufacturing. The acquisition of Syrris forms part of a strategic plan to greatly expand its product portfolio, thus enhancing the batch chemistry reactor offering and adding the exciting flow chemistry range.

Yasu Ikeda, CEO of AGI commented: “We are delighted to have successfully completed this acquisition. This allows us to increase our global support of our customers whilst also increasing our manufacturing capacity. We have been working closely with Syrris for many years and we are very excited to now include the Syrris systems in our portfolio. Syrris systems have continually demonstrated to be the most easy-to-use, flexible and powerful batch reactor and flow chemistry systems in the world.”

Mark Gilligan, CEO and Chairman of the Blacktrace Group, commented: “There is a wonderful synergy between Syrris and AGI and I have full confidence that Syrris will continue to grow at an exciting rate. In the near 20 years since I started Syrris, I am proud that we have been established as a world leader in flow chemistry and automated reactor products. The Syrris customers should also be assured that they will still receive excellent support, with the entire Syrris team remaining.”

For more information on Syrris or Glass Solutions, please visit www.syrris.com or www.glass-solutions.com.

January 1, 2020

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