AGI is the leader in the Japanese market for precision glassware and system solutions. Founded in 1950 in Omuta, by Mr. Yutaka Ikeda, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional products and providing excellent customer experience.

For over seven decades we have put innovation, sincerity and progress at our heart, always striving to provide the best experience for our customers. Our strong values and technical expertise have allowed us to become trusted across Japan and laid the foundations for us to expand our products and services to the wider world through AGI International.

Serving Japan

AGI Japan provides high quality products that can serve every customer’s needs, from standard reaction devices, all the way through to highly specific custom-projects. We have 13 locations nationally, including the only domestic facility that can manufacture both borosilicate glass and quartz glass products on one site. Nationwide, we provide a high level of service that includes manufacturing, maintenance, analysis and software services.

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