Building on the strong values and technical excellence established over seven decades by AGI Japan, AGI International is developing a network of brands with unrivalled global reach.

AGI International serves growing international demand through expanding our global footprint. Our aim is to grow through the acquisition of companies that share in our values and mission to provide exceptional products and services. This exciting growth strategy allows us to develop our manufacturing, research and development, and commercial activities around the changing needs of our global customers.

Serving the world

AGI International provides our customers outside Japan with premium glassware and chemistry solutions. Being responsible for developing new products and technologies, AGI International leverages expertise from our Japanese parent company and from the capabilities of engineers and scientists across the world. Our unrivalled reach means our global brands can provide complete solutions for a wide range of industries and our network of local manufacturers can offer specialized services tailored to the needs of their regions.

AGI global

AGI Glassplant provides a solution for every stage of the chemical processing journey. We help various chemical sector clients and researchers to process and manufacture chemicals from lab to production scale.

Premex has over 50 years’ experience in the field of high-pressure technology and magnetic stirrer systems. Constantly breaking new ground, Premex strives to develop new technologies and set new standards for excellence.

Syrris is an award winning world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor systems and chemical scale-up solutions. Syrris products are designed to make more chemistry possible.

With over 15 years’ experience in the development & implementation of industrial scale flow reactors, Chemtrix strive to change how chemical processes are developed in the lab & performed in the plant.


AGI UK is where our global Syrris brand is headquartered and manufactured. Products for our local brands, Cambridge Glassblowing and Glass Solutions are manufactured in Cambridgeshire and both offer premium high precision scientific glassware for the UK scientific, chemical, academic and petrochemical sectors. AGI International is headquartered in the UK and offers international support for all our global brands.


Across EMEA we have established teams who provide dedicated support for our global brands of AGI Glassplant, Syrris, and Premex, along our local brands of Glasskeller in Switzerland and Soffieria Sestese in Italy.

AGI North

AGI North America has an established team in Vineland, New Jersey, who provide dedicated support for our global brands across the Americas. Our US local brand, H.S. Martin, has over 90 years’ experience in creating tailored systems and glassware for customers across the US pharmaceutical, chemical, academia and petrochemical sectors.

AGI Asia

The AGI Group began in Japan in 1950 and we are proud to be the leader in the Japanese market for precision glassware and system solutions. Our global brands AGI Glassplant, Syrris and Premex are available across Asia and supported directly via 13 offices across Japan and regional offices in India.

Work for us

The AGI Group is the biggest employer of scientific glassblowers in the world. Alongside these highly skilled craftspeople, we employ a diverse range of talented individuals from engineers to scientists who all share in our mission.