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The AGI Group is a business that sees beyond traditional markers of success and prides itself upon the satisfaction of both our customers and our employees.

The AGI Group is a dynamic fast growing international company with offices and manufacturing sites across Japan, UK, Switzerland, Italy, North America and India. We are driven by knowing that advances in research and development will result in beneficial contributions to society, and we want everyone who works at AGI to feel this same sense of pride in their work.

We are the biggest employer of scientific glassblowers in the world as well as offering opportunities in design, engineering, commercial, operations and many more roles besides. As we expand globally, we are on the lookout for talented individuals who are passionate about creating exceptional premium products and providing great customer service.

Our promise to all employees

As a group we believe in pursuing happiness for all our people. We nurture our employees through a mix of excellent leadership and providing opportunities for everyone to develop professionally and personally. We have strong values of innovation, sincerity and progress that we thread through everything we do.


To continue to build and help our staff develop, by providing opportunities that utilize the best qualities of each individual’s abilities.


To create a safe, enjoyable and productive workplace where staff can thrive and enjoy personal success.


To create a company full of thankfulness and friendship between our customers and our colleagues.

Who we want

As a leading manufacturer of a wide range of chemical processing solutions, we are fortunate to have a varied and diverse workforce and are always happy to hear from people who share in our vision of creating exceptional products and making a valuable contribution to society. We employ a wide range of specialisms from highly skilled glassblowers through to engineers, chemists, designers, support staff and managers. Everyone at the AGI Group is valued for their contribution and our open-door environment lets anyone bring an idea to the table.

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Please find our current open employment opportunities are listed below.

Job Vacancy AGI Group Brand Division Location
Technical Support Engineer AGI Glassplant, Premex, Syrris, H.S. Martin AGI North America Vineland, NJ