The flagship brand of the AGI Group, AGI Glassplant, was founded in Japan in 1950 and has grown to be the leader in the Japanese market for glass processing equipment.

Since the establishment of AGI Glassplant, the AGI Group has expanded its product portfolio and capabilities by acquiring a number of glass brands, manufacturing sites, and service providers worldwide.

We have a strong team established to provide you with dedicated local support in Asia for these brands.

Our brands

System solutions

Discover our brands that offer a wide range of chemical system solutions, including manual and automated batch reactors, pilot scale-up reactors, and flow chemistry available in the Asia region.

AGI Glassplant provides a solution for every stage of your chemical processing journey. Premium quality quartz engineered glass systems designed for fundamental chemical processes and applications, from laboratory to pilot plant and manufacturing scale.

Syrris is a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor systems, and chemical scale-up solutions.
Syrris products are used in laboratories around the world, including at the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and fragrance companies.

AGI Techniglass Co., Ltd.
AGI Techniglass Co., Ltd. manufacture and sell borosilicate and quartz glassware for physics and chemistry, glass plant equipment, and glass parts for the electronic industry.

ATR-ASAHI Process Systems (P) Ltd. deliver world class glass products for pharmaceutical, chemical, defense, and space research, at lab, pilot, and production scales.

Glass manufacturing

Discover our scientific glassware manufacturing brands serving the Asia region.

AGI Labtex Co., Ltd.
AGI Labtex Co., Ltd. manufacture physics and chemistry glass products for R&D, including flow meters, viscometers, metering pipettes, and filters.

Suenaga Rikagaku Co., Ltd. manufacture vacuum equipment and sell glassware and equipment for physics and chemistry, including analyzers and consumables.

AGI Glass Academy Co., Ltd.
AGI Glass Academy Co., Ltd. manufacture and sell glass products for analyzers, physics, chemistry, and medical equipment.

GL HAKKO Co., Ltd. provide manufacture, sales, maintenance, and technical services for glass lining equipment.

Maintenance services

Discover our scientific glassware maintenance services in the Asia region.

Asahi Techno Engineering / Eight Co., Ltd. provide maintenance for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and environment measuring equipment. They also carry out regeneration and cleaning for semiconductor manufacturing equipment parts, dry pumps, and turbo pumps.

SUENAGA RIKAGAKU provide maintenance services for vacuum equipment and manufacturing.

Analysis Services

Scientific glassware analysis services in the Asia region.

Software services

Scientific glassware software services in the Asia region.

Asahi Techno Research Co., Ltd. provide an environmental measurements and analysis service, including surveys and analysis, experiments, and plant diagnosis.

Asahi Information System Co., Ltd. provide system development as well as IT consulting and outsourcing.

Where to find us

AGI Glassplant & Syrris (HQ)
1978 Takahama,
Arao City,
Kumamoto Prefecture 864-0025
T: 0968-68-2121

AGI Techniglass Co., Ltd.
3-7-8 Osugi
Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture 462-0837
T: 052-911-8535

Suenaga Rikagaku Co., Ltd.
591-7 Yoshiwa
Ube City
Yamaguchi Prefecture 759-0134
T: 0836-62-1641

Asahi Techno Research Co., Ltd.
2-10-22 Harumi
Otake City
Hiroshima Prefecture 739-0622
T: 0827-59-1800

Asahi Information System Co., Ltd.
〒739-0602 3-4-13 Minamisakae
Otake City
Hiroshima Prefecture
T: 0827-52-8228

GL HAKKO Co., Ltd.
1136 Korenori
Nakatsu City
Oita Prefecture 871-8688
T: 0979-32-2460

ATR-ASAHI Process Systems (P) Ltd.
668, GIDC Makarpura
Vadodara 390 010
T: 0827-59-1800

Syrris India
607-E, Esctasy Business Park, City of Joy- Nirmal Lifestyle, JSD Road, Mulund (W) Mumbai 400080, India
T: +91 (0)9892 327462