The AGI Group is the leading solutions provider for a wide range of chemical processing applications. Our North America office offers solutions to support you at every stage of your journey, from laboratory to pilot plant and manufacturing scale.

AGI Glassplant

AGI Glassplant provides a solution for every stage of your chemical processing journey. Our quartz engineered glass systems are designed for fundamental chemical processes and applications from laboratory to pilot plant and manufacturing scale.


Syrris is a world leader in flow chemistry, batch chemistry reactor systems, and chemical scale-up solutions. Syrris products are used in laboratories around the world in their ground-breaking research and development, including at the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical, chemical, and food and fragrance companies.

H.S Martin

H.S. Martin specialize in the production of high-quality scientific glassware components, distillation systems, and reactor systems. H.S. Martin glassware and systems can be fully customized to meet the requirements of our customers.

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